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MAY 2017 Church Services

Sunday 7th 10.30am ACE Parish Family Service

Sunday 14th 10.30am Parish Communion & Holy Baptism
12 noon Holy Communion & Holy Baptism

Sunday 21st 10.30am Morning Prayer

Sunday 28th 10.30am Parish Communion & Holy Baptism


10.30-11.30 am

Main service with full choir and sermon (see Home Page for details)

8.00 am & 12.00 noon - Holy Communion

with traditional language, no music or sermon


10.30 am - Holy Communion

with traditional language, no music or sermon

Please Note - Communicant members of other churches are welcome to receive communion at any of our services



The beginning of May is associated with the Celtic festival Lá Bealtaine. This marks the start of the season of blossoming flowers and fruit trees. Crèche is in full swing so do make sure you pop in to the Millennium Side Chapel at the 10:30 Sunday morning service where we would love to see you. We will of course have all the usual toys and games for your little ones to explore.


Baptisms and Weddings are arranged in consultation with the clergy

Columbarium - a place for ashes to be placed is available behind the Church. For further details contact the clergy


baptism party

•The Baptism of Mia Alice Wilde, daughter of Jill Anderson Wilde and Scott Wilde took place in Rathfarnham Parish Church on Sunday, 2nd April and we were delighted to be joined by Bishop Chilllingworth, Primate of the Episcopal Church in Scotland, who preached and conducted the Baptism. Also in the photo is Mrs. Alison Chillingworth, and Godparents Jill and Holly Anderson, and Darragh Brady as well as Mia's grandparents John and Heather Anderson and members of the wider family circle.

May Mia thrive in every way and know God's blessings all the days of her life.

The rain held off brilliantly for the planting of the Baptism tree on the 1st April at 11am and we thank Archbishop Jackson for doing the honours. 80 parishioners of all ages attended on the day and some have been busy visiting it and the nearby playground since. Our next task is to 'name' the tree and once words have been agreed with SDCC we look forward to another event around our tree. Ps 1 v 1-3 adapted 'Happy is the one who delights in the law of the Lord; s/he is like a tree planted by living water....In all that they do they prosper.'




Each Sunday everyone gets a Service Sheet and we would like to suggest that you take your sheet home with you. One reason is that each Sunday there is a Notice board of upcoming events but there is another reason! If a hymn is based on a piece of scripture we print it below the hymn. So we would encourage you to reflect on these hymns while reading the passage at home


The Church of Ireland is now encouraging the use of specially made gluten-free wafers. The wafers will be kept in a separate box and handled only by the communicant. If you are a coeliac and would like to receive communion, please let the Clergy or Churchwardens know before the service.

Sunday Club

Are You Between the Age of 3 & 6th Class?!

Welcome back to all our members and their parents, and ‘rarin to go’ for the new 2017 year in both Sunday Club and Good News Club

Sunday Club and Tuesday Good News Club

Sunday Club logo

Thank you to all involved - Sunday & Good News Club Club - Lynn and the team Good News Why not follow us on Facebook and keep up to date with what’s happening - ‘Rathfarnham Parish Sunday Club & Good News Club’ EASTER - Children in both clubs have been busy during lent preparing for the happy and joyful celebration of Easter. The children in both Good News Club and Sunday Club will be exploring the Easter story and events of Holy Week in various ways.

Easter Eggs ~ Thank you for your generosity for all the donations of Easter Eggs brought to church, Sunday Club and GNC this year. The crèche in Darndale, Miss Carr’s Home and Saoirse Women’s Refuge in Tallaght were all most appreciative as were the social workers who helped to distribute them to others.

Holy Week Easter Lego Brick Challenge ~ Well done to everyone who took part in our Lego Brick Challenge over Easter which can be viewed on the Rathfarnham Parish Sunday Club & Good News Club Facebook page. It is wonderful to see the creativity and imagination of the younger members of our congregation through the objects and scenes they built and created based on their own interpretation of the Holy Week bible passages they read. They were all fantastic!

Good News Club ~ We are also looking forward to our Church ‘n’ Chip’ Night before our End of Year Service on Sunday 7th May. Please see dates below as there was a date missing on the date list!

Sunday Club ~ Sunday Clubbers have also had some Fun -’n’- Games to round off the season. This is a significant time of the year for the children in the Iguanas group (2nd Class) as they have looked back on their time with us before moving on to Good News Club. They have made their bookmarks to go with their Good News Bible, which they will be presented when they start GNC. We look forward to presenting them with certificates at the end of the year service on 7th May. MAY BIRTHDAYS We hope all those with a birthday in May enjoy their special day. Rachel Robinson & Ciarán Doyle will be 12, Callum Lennon & Anna Hoey 11, Freya Sykes & Ali Whelan 9, Cullum Farrell 8, Jessica Sullivan & Alana Robertson 7 and Jacob Bowers 4. From time to time we can slip up and leave someone out so please do let Lynn know if we have missed your special day.

May Dates for the Diary ~ Tuesday 2nd Good News Club - Church & Chips! Bring €2 for chips Sunday 7th ACE Service (Adults ~ Children ~ Everyone)


RPNS logo

Park ‘n Stride ~ This year our Green Schools’ Committee have been leading everyone in working toward earning our fourth green flag which is for transport. Our recent Park ‘ Stride was a great success with many families walking at least part of the way to school and in doing so saving petrol and helping the environment. Many thanks to Ms. Connolly and Mr. Leonard who co-ordinated this.

Gymnastics ~ Children in all classes are taking part in focussed gymnastics lessons between now and Easter. These lessons are provided by a gymnastics coach from Olympiad Gymnastics and everyone is really enjoying them. Many thanks to the PTA for funding these lessons.

3rd and 4th class plays ~ 3rd and 4th class will perform ‘Cinderella and Rockerfella’ on the last day of term (7th April). Parents and friends of children in those classes are invited to attend. Technology and internet safety information evening

Following on from the very successful evening that we ran last year for parents on internet safety and the technology that we use in school, we will be holding a similar event later this year. As technology is constantly changing and children are becoming more and more exposed to dangers online this will be a valuable source of information for parents. The proposed date is 4th May in the school.

Visit to St.Patrick’s Cathedral ~ On 14th March all of 6th class and members of the choir in 5th class went to St.Patrick’s Cathedral and took part in a choral workshop on Joseph and the Amazing Technicolour Dreamcoat. The Cathedral is an interesting place to visit and we especially enjoyed listening to the theme from ‘Star Wars’ being played on the organ!

Cór Fhéile ~ On the 8th March the choir took part in the Interschools’ music festival ‘Cór Fhéile’ in the National Basketball Arena. This is a huge venue with lots of other schools taking part and it can be daunting to walk onto the large stage. The choir were excellent and did themselves and the school proud. Thank you to all the parents who supported the choir by attending the event. Consultation on school admissions.

The Minister of Education, Richard Bruton has invited consultation on proposed changes to how schools enrol pupils. The Board of Management, the Church of Ireland Board of Education and the Select Vestry believes the proposed changes will have an adverse effect on our school’s ethos and characteristic spirit. You will have received a email from the parish explaining the issues. We would urge you to make your opinion known by making a submission to the minister as well as to your local TDs. All email addresses are on the email sent by the parish.

Open House

The Curate's house (attached to the Parish Centre) will be open for viewing on Sunday 9th April (Palm Sunday) after all services. Please do go and have a look at the work done to refurbish this property.


This is the parish’s AGM and will be held on Sunday 23rd April immediately after the 10.30am service. (Please note no 12noon service that Sunday). It’s a time to catch up with what’s going on in the Parish and to elect the Select Vestry – which is the Parish Management Committee – for the coming year. Churchwardens and Glebewardens are also appointed. And this year elections will be held for Parochial Nominators and Diocesan Synod Representatives. Everyone registered in our Register of Vestrypersons can vote. Remember coming to the Easter Vestry doesn’t mean you will get a job – nobody is press-ganged into anything

ECI logo

Eco Congregation Ireland

Are you interested in learning more about Eco-Congregation Ireland? Perhaps your congregation or parish has an interest in the environment and has thought about becoming an Eco-Congregation? The Eco-Congregation Committee has Catholic, Presbyterian, Methodist, Church of Ireland and Quaker representatives on it and they are happy to come to speak to your group no matter how small! Read their monthly PDF for March 2017

Anglican Communion Environmental Network Lenten Resources
During Lent we remember the 40 days that Jesus spent in the wilderness, facing challenge and temptation. It is a time when we reflect on God’s purpose for our own lives. The Anglican Communion Environmental Network has produced useful Lenten resources with an environmental theme. Their focus this year is water. Water is a gift. Water is life. Through their website you can learn how to take part in the Carbon Fast for Lent, enhance this vital season of prayer, study and repentance by using their Study Guide on ‘Reflections on the Water of Life’ and take part in the annual ‘Seven Weeks for Water’ initiative of the World Council of Churches’ Ecumenical Water Network by following a pilgrimage of water justice in Africa by using reflections, liturgies and other resources on the website.

If you have any information or stories from your congregation, parish, meeting or Eco Congregation, we would love to hear from you! Please forward your news to us at

Books - Parish Library

Donated by a parishioner, Irish Anglicanism 1869-1969 edited by Michael Hurley SJ is a book of essays on the role of Anglicanism in Irish life presented to the Church of Ireland a hundred years after Disestablishment. The essays are written by a group of Methodist, Presbyterian, Quaker and Roman Catholic scholars in recognition and gratitude to the Anglican Church for its contribution to ecumenical harmony in Ireland. From an essay by Michael Hurley:

The Church of Ireland has no future except as united with all its non-Anglican sister-Churches, in that visible unity which is God’s will and gift to his people so that the world may believe

The library is in the Millennium Side-Chapel and everybody is welcome to use it. All books and DVDs can be taken out on loan - just sign your name in the notebook that you will find on the book-stand.


fete banner

Fête Time!! - Saturday 20th May 2017 in The High School, Zion Road, Rathgar

Fête Committee: Ruth Burleigh, Philip Daley, Karen Doyle, Linda O'Connor

Cake Stall Help
.. crisis on the cake stall !! Two of our master bakers on the cake stall have retired this year , so we are desperately in need of new people to get involved . If you are willing to help in any way at all , whether baking a cake, traybake ,tart or whatever, or helping on the stall on the day , we'd be delighted to hear from you . I would also like to take this opportunity to say thanks to Susanne and Janet for all their fabulous buns and cakes over the last 10 years, they'll be missed ! Looking forward to hearing from all you eager volunteers soon ! Thanks in anticipation, Kate Shaw and Amy Dunne

We hope you have started Spring cleaning and put aside any items that we would be able to sell. We hope this year to again have clothes rails so we would be delighted to get any amount of clothes hangers. We sell anything and everything!! Gordon

Don't forget the garden stall! Any small or large plants, indoor or outdoor, vegetables, flowers or herbaceous, for the Garden Stall please. Labelling your plants is helpful if you can, also garden implements and decorative pots in good condition. Nicola

Once again a call for all jam makers and cooks to make delicious food for the Country Pantry (delicatessen) stall. We need jams (we can supply fruit and jam jars), chutney, apple and rhubarb tarts and crumbles, quiches, lasagnas or anything else that you would like to prepare. There is a great demand for raspberry, loganberry, chili, strawberry, apricot, damson, plum, rhubarb, blackberry and blackcurrant jams, lemon curd and marmalade. If you can’t make jam but can supply a packet of frozen fruit, fresh fruit or some jam jars for our jam makers that would be much appreciated. Contact: Carolyn Gordon, Joan Forsdyke.

Following on from the success of previous years, the Refreshment stall will continue to serve the most delicious, freshest salads, sandwiches, soup, cakes, biscuits, & coffee in the school canteen. If you have helped us in the past, we look forward to seeing you again this year and thank you in anticipation for your support. If you are new to the parish and keen to get involved, this is the perfect stall for you. Try your hand at waitressing, serving, pouring, chopping, or stirring, and make lots of new friends into the bargain. Just give Linda O’Connor or Kim Sheridan a buzz and we’ll find the perfect job for you.

Remember! Come on the Day & Have Some Fun!

Junior Choir

The School/Parish Choir is open to pupils in 3rd, 4th , 5th and 6th classes. The choir rehearses in school on Thursday mornings from 8.20-8.50 a.m. If your child enjoys singing, can hold a tune and would like to be part of the choir please encourage him/her to join. The choir sings at the ACE services in church and in addition we hope to have a variety of performances this year, including the Peace Proms and a Summer Concert. It is important that children are in school promptly on Thursdays - it’s very discouraging having children wandering in for choir in dribs and drabs! Also children need to commit to singing at a minimum of three services to be in the choir. The choir has grown this year to 55 members

Senior Choir

Rehearsals are in the Church on Wednesday evenings, apart for June to August.

We are always very pleased to hear from people who are interested in joining the Choir. The commitment is not too onerous – Wednesday evening rehearsals from September to May, Sunday morning services, and the very occasional evening event – for example, the Carol Service or Good Friday evening. If you are interested in joining, please contact the leader before rehearsals commence


We are so indebted to June for taking charge of all things floral in the Parish for many years now. The creativity, colour and sheer beauty of June's many creations have gladdened our hearts so much on a weekly basis and the extraordinary arrangements that greet us at times of particular celebration in the church calendar have delighted us and God too I've no doubt. June now wishes to step back from this area of parish involvement and we are looking for someone or perhaps two people who will take on the task of setting up a rota of flower arrangers and co-ordinating the decorating of the Church for seasonal events such as Easter, Harvest and Christmas. If you are interested, please contact June who will give a more detailed account of the tasks involved. Decorating the church for Easter is on Saturday 15th April at 10.00am. Gifts of spring flowers, greenery and help will be much appreciated. Volunteers also very welcome


Rector: Canon Adrienne Galligan
Tel: 01-490 5543


Curate Assistant: Rev'd Ruth O'Kelly
Tel: 01-452 7153


Diocesan Reader - Joan Forsdyke Tel: 087 947 5548

Parish Office email:

Rathfarnham Parish Profile

Download a 7-page pdf report c.1MB

Last Update: April 3, 2017

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